“Portable doesn’t always mean more affordable.”  When comparing our lifts with any of our competitors’ lifts, you will see that there is really no comparison at all. The materials and process that we employ are far superior in every regard.  With the HarborHoist, our customers are receiving much more than a few cables, pulleys and a motor.  The Harborhoist is constructed of materials that are extremely heavy duty, well built, and meant to last for possibly a lifetime.  Our lift provides your boat with a very safe, stable and protective foundation.

While it would be nice, ideal even, to offer our lifts at costs lower than our competition, it would be unfair to match the prices of inferior units. Oftentimes the cheapest options cost more in the long-run with maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is true in all sectors, from cars to houses to boats. It is important to purchase a product that will be as dependable as the people who make it, and HydroHoist firmly stands by its commitment to the customer