Boat Lift Pricing

Pricing Quotes for Boat Docks

When calling around to different companies to obtain pricing on a boat dock or lift, be sure to consider unknown costs when your receive a quote.  Sometimes, what once looked like the least expensive alternative, may end up being the most expensive while not always being a better product.

Portable Doesn’t Always Mean Pricing Is More Affordable

A common misconception we encounter is when someone sees that we advertise our lifts as being “portable”, they are somehow more affordable/ less expensive.  Often times, with many different products, portable does refer to a scaled down, less expensive version of a product, but that isn’t always the case.  With the HarborHoist, portability is actually considered an added benefit.  Customers who don’t own their own slip or are in situation of wanting or needing to move, have the option of taking their lift with them.  Its as easy as loading it up on a trailer or simply towing it to the new location with their boat.  Many types of boat lifts and docks become fixtures to land or are too cumbersome to move

Pricing For “Traditional” Cable Lifts

We are often told by customers they can purchase a “regular” cable lift for less than the price we have quoted to them for the HarborHoist.  While that may be true in some situations, such as already having pilings, one still needs to consider electrical wiring (often times 220 volt power is needed), sea wall reinforcement, purchase of a major permit through the department of environmental quality, dredging, and gangways or walkways to access the lift. When we give a quote on the HarborHoist, the amount quoted is what you will have to pay without any unknown or unforeseen costs.

Cables, Pulleys, and a Motor

When comparing our lifts with any of our competitors’ lifts, you will see that there is really no comparison at all. The materials and process that we employ are far superior in every regard.  With the HarborHoist, our customers are receiving much more than a few cables, pulleys and a motor.  The Harborhoist is constructed of materials that are extremely heavy duty, well built, and meant to last for possibly a lifetime.  Our lift provides your boat with a very safe, stable and protective foundation.

While it would be nice, ideal even, to offer our lifts at costs lower than our competition, it would be unfair to match the prices of inferior units. Oftentimes the cheapest options cost more in the long-run with maintenance, repairs, and replacements. This is true in all sectors, from cars to houses to boats. It is important to purchase a product that will be as dependable as the people who make it.  HydroHoist along with Float Lifts of the Carolinas, firmly stands by its commitment to the customer.