HarborHoist Lift 9K, 10K, 12K, 14K, 16K, 18K, 25K

9K - 25K
25000 HarborHoist 37 Boston Whaler Outrage Marine Max Wrightsville Beach NC

HarborHoist 9,000#-25,000# Capacity

Versatile Lift Perfect for Fresh and Salt Water

The HarborHoist 9K – 25K capacity lift is a level-lifting frame constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is the most versatile boat lift in the HydroHoist family — perfect for fresh and salt water. This unit can simply be tied to the dock by using ropes or use a conventional mooring system. The hoist is compatible with fixed or floating docks, and works in a U-shaped slip, double-wide slip, L-shaped dock, and square dock. The hull supports can be configured for nearly all boat styles, including inboard wake, pontoon, and tritoon boats.

  • Most versatile, free-floating lift
  • Rugged, marine-grade polyethylene tanks
  • Aluminum structure to extend the life of the product
  • Easy loading and unloading of passengers
  • Controls integrated with lift
  • Simple assembly and installation


Customized Lifts 9K -25K

The HarborHoist Lift can be fully customized to accommodate boats with weights up to 25,000# capacity by adding auxiliary tanks to either a six tank system (6600# HarborHoist), an eight tank system (8800# HarborHoist) or a ten tank system (11,000# HarborHoist)

HarborHoist 9K - 25K
HarborHoist With Auxiliary Tanks
HarborHoist 9K - 25K
4400 HarborHoist Without Auxiliary Tanks








HarborHoist 9K - 25K
8 Tank system 8800; can add auxiliary tanks to increase capacity
HarborHoist 9K - 25K
25000 Harborhoist 10 Tank system with three 5000 auxiliary tanks









HarborHoist 9K - 25K
Heavy Duty 100 inch bent cross beams for greater support









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  • Up to 25,000lb capacity
  • All aluminum structure using 6061 T-6 Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Molded UV stable polyethylene floats
  • Marine grade stainless steel hardware
  • Non-skid starboard step pads
  • All metal components above water line in rasied position
  • 8*10 tie off rings
  • Adjustable Aluminum Bunks
  • GFCI protected 110v blower system
  • Heavy duty bent cross beams
  • 5 valve control with single motor
  • Full length structural support beams
  • Full length structural angle

HydroHoist Marine Group is the oldest and largest hydro-pneumatic boat lift manufacturer in the world, and celebrates over 50 years of business. To correctly care for the boat, to provide a convenience for the boater, and to complement rather than complicate the dock structure was the aim of HydroHoist’s inventor – a marina owner and boater himself – and it’s still our aim today. Our engineering staff designs our lifts for safe, sure, confident operation; for correct and safe support of its craft; and for minimum effect to the boat dock or mooring environment. Over the years, we have continued to upgrade and enhance our products to better satisfy today’s boater. Our lifts offer impact resistant polyethylene tanks, all metal parts above the water, and easy, simple, level lifting operation. Another HydroHoist “best” is the resale value of our lifts. HydroHoist owners know that should they want to sell their lift for any reason – upgrading boats, or relocating residence, etc. – they have an eager market of boaters that are waiting for a HydroHoist to come on the market.

In any market, there are the brands that are universally recognized as the very best obtainable in its industry. HydroHoist is one of those brands. Why, our name has even been used as a generic description of all boat lifts – even when its mispronounced as Hydra Hoist, Hydra Lift or Hydro Lift, boaters everywhere know that you’re talking about the best in the industry!


  • Slide assembly
  • Side tie guides
  • Pontoon / Tri-Toon bunks
  • Drop beams for inboard engine boats
  • Power options: 110v motor / inverter with solar charger
  • Power options: 24v motor with solor charger

10K, 12K, 14K, 16K hydrohoist for sale
tie option

Vertical aluminum poles are attached front and back to lift, preventing lift from moving under the dock or rubbing on dock structure.

hydrohoist 10K for sale
standard slide assembly

Mechanism securely attaches the lift to the dock. The plastic lined slide allows ease of movement with minimal noise. This option is used when piles are in line with receivers front and back (18ft of adjustment).

HarborHoist Lift 10K for sale
adjustable pile brackets

This bracket allows up to 6ft. of forward and backward adjustment of the slide mechanism. This will almost certainly allow capture of a set of piles.

harbor hoist boat lift 10K
floating dock brackets

Bracket allows the adjustment of the slide front to back nearly 6’. This allows capture of a pile in this area.