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HarborHoist Lift 9K, 12K, 15K and 18K




The HarborHoist Lift is a level-lifting frame constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum. It is the most versatile boat lift in the HydroHoist family — perfect for fresh and salt water. This unit can simply be tied to the dock by using ropes or use a conventional mooring system. The hoist is compatible with fixed or floating docks, and works in a U-shaped slip, double-wide slip, L-shaped dock, and square dock. The hull supports can be configured for nearly all boat styles, including inboard wake, pontoon, and tritoon boats.


  • 9,000 lb capacity – 18,000 lb. capacity, 25′ length boat – 39′ length boat
  • All aluminum structure using 6061 T-6 Marine Grade Aluminum
  • Molded, marine grade,  UV stable polyethylene floats
  • Marine grade stainless steel hardware
  • Non-skid continuous walkway
  • All metal components above water line in rasied position
  • 4 tie off rings
  • Adjustable Aluminum Bunks
  • GFCI protected 110v blower system
  • Can be tied to the dock with dock lines
  • Controls integrated with lift
  • Easy loading and unloading of passengers

Recommended For:

  • Boats from
  • 9,000 lb capacity – 18,000 lb. capacity, 25′ length boat – 39′ length boat
  • Outboard/stern drive boats
  • Fixed or floating U-shape single or double-wide slips, L-shaped and square docks
  • All water types (fresh, brackish and salt)


By adding auxiliary tanks to either a six tank system (6600# HarborHoist)or an eight tank system (8800# HarborHoist), The HarborHoist Lift can be fully customized to accommodate boats with weights up to 18,000# capacity.  Beam width is also easily adjustable with the use of different size and type cross beams.  Depending on weight and beam width, we use either 84″ cross I-beams, 100″ Cross I-beams, or 100″ bent tube steel.  Below are examples of a lift with and without auxiliary tanks as well as a lift with taller auxiliary tanks and bent cross beams

HarborHoist 9K - 25K
HarborHoist With 20″ Height Auxiliary Tanks Required Water Depth 24″ + draft with engine raised                                                                              HarborHoist 9K - 25K

4400 HarborHoist Without Auxiliary Tanks

Lift With 24 inch tall auxiliary tanks and 100" bent cross beams for boats greater than 12k pounds and beam width greater than 9'6"
Lift With 24 inch tall auxiliary tanks and 100″ bent cross beams for boats greater than 12k pounds and beam width greater than 9’6″
HarborHoist Specs
HarborHoist Specs











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  • Ring Mooring
  • Side tie guides
  • Pontoon / Tri-Toon bunks
  • Drop beams for inboard engine boats (up to a certain size)
  • 1800 Watt Inverter/generator to run off boat battery
  • Auxiliary tanks to increase capacity

·        HarborHoist Faqs

·        What Is The Structure Made Out Of?

  • The structure is a marine grade aluminum. All hardware is stainless steel. While the boat is lifted and at rest there are no metallic components in the water.

·        How Long Has This Concept Been Marketed?

  • The HarborHoist has been successfully marketed for greater than 10 years

·        Can my HydroHoist be converted to pick up a pontoon boat?

  • If you have a HydroHoist Boat Lift YES it can be converted to pick up a pontoon boat. By simply changing the pads on your boat lift it easily lift your pontoon boat

·        Can a boat lift be moved from one boat dock to another?

  • Yes.  The lift can be towed by boat to another slip or simply loaded on a trailer from a boat ramp.  However, before attempting to do this on your own, it is recommended you contact your dealer

·        What Are Power Source Options?

  • The standard power source is a simple 110 VAC
  • Optional Power Source:  1800-Watt Generator/Inverter

·        What Happens If I Buy A Bigger Boat In The Future?

  • The Frame system is easily adaptable for a variety of bunk systems including inboard, pontoon, tritoon, and wake boats
  • Modular design allows additional tanks to be added to increase capacity as the boat owner’s needs grow.

·        Can I Access My Boat?

  • The HarborHoist offers unparalleled easy accessibility to your boat. The lift has an integrated non-skid continuous walkway making entering and exiting your boat safe for boaters of all ages.

·        How Much Dock Space Is Required?

  • None! The lift and controls are combined in a single unit.

·        Will The Lift Be An Eyesore?

  • No. In most cases, you won’t see the lift.

·        What Is The Overall Width Of The HarborHoist?

  • A good rule of thumb is the width is 2 1/2 feet wider than the beam of the boat.

·        How Much Water Is Needed?

  • If you have a standard 4400, 6600, or 8800 lb capacity lift, you will only 24 inches plus the draft of your boat with the engine raised.  A larger lift with an auxiliary tank will require more water, depending on the depth of the auxiliary tank.

·        Why Buy A Boat Lift?

  • Protection
  • Your boat is securely dry-docked, its hull and out-drive safely protected from wind, wake damage, algae, and marine growth, all which compromise your boats performance, value, and appearance.
  • Security
  • Leave your boat for an hour or a year with confidence that it will remain securely dry - docked.  Number one in dependability since 1964, each HydroHoist is engineered to exacting standards and the highest quality levels to ensure performance and reliability.  Finally, you will rest easy knowing that your investment will remain exactly as you left it, and it will be ready to launch whenever you need.
  • Convenience
  • With the turn of four valves (or push of a button with the upcoming electronic model), you can launch or dry-dock your boat in as little as three minutes.  No more trailering, boat ramps, or hull cleaning.  It's just that easy.  You'll love how much time you spend on the water, enjoying your boat, instead of worrying about maintenance and storage.

·        What is so good about HydroHoist Boat Lifts?

  • For Over 50 Years, HydroHoist Marine Group has been  the oldest and largest hydro-pneumatic boat lift manufacturer in the world.
  • To correctly care for the boat, to provide a convenience for the boater, and to complement rather than complicate the dock structure was the aim of HydroHoist’s inventor – a marina owner and boater himself – and it’s still our aim today.
  • Our engineering staff designs our lifts for safe, sure, confident operation; for correct and safe support of its craft; and for minimum effect to the boat dock or mooring environment. Over the years, we have continued to upgrade and enhance our products to better satisfy today’s boater. Our lifts offer impact resistant polyethylene tanks, all metal parts above the water, and easy, simple, level lifting operation.
  • Another HydroHoist “best” is the resale value of our lifts. HydroHoist owners know that should they want to sell their lift for any reason – upgrading boats, or relocating residence, etc. – they have an eager market of boaters that are waiting for a HydroHoist to come on the market.
  • In any market, there are the brands that are universally recognized as the very best obtainable in its industry. HydroHoist is one of those brands. Why, our name has even been used as a generic description of all boat lifts – even when its mispronounced as Hydra Hoist, Hydra Lift or Hydro Lift, boaters everywhere know that you’re talking about the best in the industry!
·        Still have questions?  Contact Us directly to get all your answers!
  • Standard:  110v dockside power, GFI protected dockside power standard
    Optional:  1800 Watt generator/inverter
  • The frame system is designed around common trailer hardware that is easily adaptable for a variety of bunk systems.
  • The 1/4" thick polyethylene plastic float tanks do not require anti-fouling paint and are maintenance free.
  • Eliminates corrosion of the frame system and requires no maintenance
  • Frame system is easily adaptable for a variety of bunk systems. Modular design allows additional tanks to be added to increase capacity as the boat owner's needs grow.
  • The HarborHoist is assembled at our Float Lift facility and is delivered to the nearest boat ramp to the customer's slip.  Once at the ramp, we have the customer meet us with their boat where together we will tow the lift to the customers slip.
  • Lift can be tied off to an existing dock or stand alone at mooring.
  • All aluminum structure using 6061-T6 marine-grade aluminum and stainless steel hardware
  • Simple turn of a valve and a flip of a switch raises the boat in as little as two minutes and lowers the boat in as little as 5 minutes.
  • Aesthetically pleasing control panel for air valves and electric motor.
  • 10 year polyethylene float warranty
    3 year structural warranty
    3 year motor warranty
    1 year comprehensive warranty
  • Moving? Take your lift with you! The HarborHoist is easy to move to a new location, eliminating the need to buy a new lift